Oldie but goodie

I wrote this one almost 2 years ago. Stumbled on it today and it suited my mood perfectly. This truly is what I still believe.

Good things always come to those who deserve it
Even if it sometimes takes a while

Challenges always hold some kind of learning
Even if you feel like crying at the time

Respect and love is nothing given
It’s something earned

Help is always there
If you only dare to ask

Pay good things forward
And you will get good things in return

Don’t waste energy on trying to change people
Focus on managing your own expectations instead

If things have been said in anger
Just apologise and don’t let them fester

Believe in yourself and your ability to overcome
Don’t torment yourself with how things could have been done differently

You are unique
And you know what’s best for your life
Trust in that
Whatever happens

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3 kommentarer till Oldie but goodie

  1. ergo sum skriver:

    Skickar många vårkramar!

  2. popcornep@hotmail.com skriver:

    Tack. Behövde det just nu. Kram

  3. Liveasiftoday skriver:

    Ah, fin! Suger at mig den som en svamp just nu.


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