En riktigt lång första dejt

Hittade den här festliga artikeln idag.

”WOULD you travel around the world with someone you had just met, and with no possessions but the clothes on your back?

That’s what Clara Bensen did.

The young American writer met Jeff, a university professor, three months ago via the online dating website OkCupid.

But as they got chatting online, Jeff revealed his fondness for travel and invited Clara on his next trip. Though he’s not your average holiday-maker.

Jeff would book an outgoing flight overseas and a flight back home out of another city a few countries away – without an itinerary or any plans to speak of. And his latest experiment? Bringing nothing but the clothes on his back.

Clara was initially sceptical. ”I’m not gonna lie: The thought of ultra-minimalist travel was initially disturbing”.

But she couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the idea.

”Even nightmares of unkempt leg hair couldn’t completely banish the thought. What would it be like to say no to heavy backpacks full of coordinating outfits, Lonely Planet travel guides, and cheap souvenirs?”.

And so six weeks after meeting, the pair nervously booked two flights (luggage not included) to Istanbul.”

Vilken intressant första dejt! De måste lärt sig en hel del om varandra på de 21 dagarna. 🙂 Läs hela artikeln här.

Om bortabrabloggen

Swede who have travelled and moved a lot during her adult life, to finally end up in Melbourne, Australia. Has a passion for travelling, life coaching and supporting others on their adventures at home or overseas.
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2 kommentarer till En riktigt lång första dejt

  1. Freja skriver:

    Häftigt! Fast nog hade jag mer oroat mig för andra saker än otämjd benbehåring… Min behåring är redan så otämjd som den kan bli… Eller är det min engelska som är knasig?

  2. bortabrabloggen skriver:

    Freja: Din engelska är helt korrekt 🙂 Och jag hade nog också oroat mig för andra saker än det om jag var tjejen i artikeln…


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