Follow this blog in your language

After a good three years of blogging, I have decided to make it even easier for you readers out there who don’t understand Swedish. Under this tab in the blog header you can find links to read BortaBraBloggen via Google Translate in several different languages.

Google Translate is a great (free) translation tool that is easy to use, but sometimes both words and sentence structures can get a bit mixed up. Therefore it is not as correct as if you were reading the text in it’s original language.

I hope this makes it a bit easier for non-Swedish readers out there to follow the blog!


One thought on “Follow this blog in your language

  1. Hej! Bra idé. Google Translate mfl kan ju ofta skapa rätt många missförstånd :). Jag har också funderat på att internationalisera min blogg. Så många fler som kan läsa om det är på engelska, inklusive de flesta svenskar som redan läser. Ha det fint!

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