Swedish midsummer for dummies

For all you non-Swedes out there wondering what midsummer is really all about, this video will answer most of your questions. And it’s pretty funny as well!

And yes, I do realise that it does sound like we are pretty crazy to celebrate in this way, but who said that customs and traditions need to apply any logic… 🙂


Om bortabrabloggen

Swede who have travelled and moved a lot during her adult life, to finally end up in Melbourne, Australia. Has a passion for travelling, life coaching and supporting others on their adventures at home or overseas.
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2 kommentarer till Swedish midsummer for dummies

  1. ansepanse skriver:

    hahaha – här var vi kanske lite annorlunda då 🙂 sill, ägg, nypotatis och jordgubbar i efterrätt, det andra skippade vi
    Sv: mm, Wii-spel är verkligen roligt

  2. ergo sum skriver:



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