When the water tap of life
Has been dripping quietly for a while
It feels so different
When the tap suddenly starts flowing 

When you feel like you can open your eyes
And almost stare at the sun
Because the curiosity
Is stronger than the glare 

The sudden move
From being still
To moving
Feels so powerful somehow 

But your mind has always known
Your heart has always wondered
Like a sprinter ready to run
A swimmer ready to jump in
Your inner child peaking into a giant bag of goodies 

They have waited for so long
To back you all the way
The only question is
Will you let them?

Om bortabrabloggen

Swede who have travelled and moved a lot over the past 12 years, to finally end up in Melbourne, Australia. Has a passion for travelling, life coaching and supporting others on their adventures at home or overseas.
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5 kommentarer till Flow

  1. fialia skriver:

    En ”väskvåg” har jag oxå, flitigt använd.
    ha de Fia

  2. Jane skriver:

    Så fint skrivet.
    Det var ett tag sedan jag var inne hos dig nu. Men nu så är jag på gång igen
    Kramar i massor finaste Emmy / Jane

  3. Jane skriver:

    NEJ NEJ !!!
    Nu blev det fel..
    Det är ju här jag håller till…
    Kramar i massor igen / Jane

  4. Ida Swedstralia skriver:

    Så fint och tänkvärt!

  5. Sanna skriver:

    Fint skrivet Emmy!


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