My Darling You

Tomorrow it’s been a whole year since I met the wonderful man who swept into my life and made me realise what it’s like to be truly loved. Thank you T for finding me, I can’t imagine my life was meant to be lived in any other way.

Before I met you I thought I was strong
But I soon realised
That allowing someone to love you
And dare to fall in love right back
Means that you have to let go
And dare to be weaker
If only for a moment
To become much stronger together

Never before
Has anyone held me like you have
Through the good times
And the bad

Never before have I trusted
That whatever happened
We wanted us
More than anything else

It’s been a whole year
And so much has happened
It feels like forever
But it still somehow flew by

I can’t wait for tomorrow
Not quite sure what it holds
Or where it will take us
But I can’t wait to meet it
With your hand in mine


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