Why don’t you care

It’s a very fine line
Between pushing what’s yours
And driving what’s fair 

If you don’t really care
About what happens around you
Then why on earth are you here 

If you can’t even try
And walk in someone else’s shoes
For even a moment
Then maybe go back
And just sit on your own 

When being around others
You have to deal with their thoughts
As well as their questions 

Working together
In positive balance
Gives results far greater
Than you could ever accomplish alone 

All that it costs you
Is taking the time
To give others a fair go 
And hear them out

People don’t always just ask
Because they want something from you
Quite often they want to contribute
And help build something good

My issue in life is that I certainly care
It sometimes causes me grief
But it also gives far more joy
Than silent resilience

I will continue to care
Even if many don’t
Because as long as I care
I will also believe 

The things accomplished together
Despite their ups and downs
Are always better
Than the ones forged alone
In darkness and tears

In silent triumph
With no one to hug
No one to cheer you across the finish line
And no one who cares


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2 kommentarer till Why don’t you care

  1. Marie skriver:

    Mycket fint och tänkvärt, precis som alltid Emmy! Hoppas du har det toppen och vad skoj att få familjebesök. Kramar från Marie

  2. ansepanse skriver:

    vad fint du skriver, verkligen


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