My way

When I am older
Towards the end of my days
I want to know
That all the things I did
Took me down my own way

When I look back
And remember
I want to know in my heart
That I stood up for myself
And dared to believe
In what was right for me

When people tried to push me away
I want to feel that I did find the strength to continue
Never mind how hard it was
Or how many strange looks it generated

When you search for your own way
There are always impossible questions
And more obstacles than what seems fair

But when I grow older
Towards the end of my life
I know I will look back
And see how hard I fought
To be true to myself

And when life at some point is almost over
I would like to think
That having no regrets towards yourself
Makes it easier to let go
Find the peace you need
And have truly deserved

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