Why so upset?

Why so upset
I know you saw this coming
The fruits of your behavior
Will become what you fed them all along

With bitterness and anger
Grows dark and trouble plants
With nervousness and fear
Grows scared and lonely trees

With care and support
Grows curious little ones
Who dare to venture out
And grow all over the place

So how can you say you did not see
When you were right there all along
The truth of what you did
Can never shift

What you did
Is there forever
But the explanation of why might someday be heard

Be careful to throw angry words around

And stop looking for excuses
When you owe up to what you did
A future can be built

But if you never truly see what happened

And just keep looking back
Nothing will grow
No one will learn
And more anger will simmer

So what’s more important
Passing around the burden of blame
Or finding a way over winding sad roads of the past

Into the sunrise of tomorrow

PS: Ännu ett gammalt alster, jag är varken arg eller ledsen idag.

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