Forget me not

When sunshine dances across your chest
Or butterflies tickle your heart
When raindrops gently trickle down the windows of your life
Remember me then

When you cry out the pain
Or life slaps you too hard
When you don’t understand
Remember me then

When you feel incomplete
Or a bit out of place
When you wonder what’s next
Remember me then

Because come rain, snow or sun
Pain, grief or joy
I do remember you
What we used to have
And what we never got to become

PS: Ännu ett gammalt alster, jag är inte alls deppig!

5 thoughts on “Forget me not

  1. Angående ditt förra inlägg så tycker jag att BBQ låter underbart ute i det fria på jul.
    Jätte vackert skrivet men sorgligt…
    Kramar i massor finaste Emmy / Jane

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