The colours of life

It sometimes makes me angry
How the colours of life sometimes seem to be decided for us
A framework already set
A limit to how high the inspiration can fly
Guidelines of how things should be

But then I realise
Why spend energy on getting angry
When you can actually mix the colours exactly how you want them

Create new nuances
Strange combinations
Impossible mess
Endless beauty

History is not a restriction
It’s a guide and a learning from things that have passed
Some things worked well

Others not so much

The colour palette of the future is open for play
The basics may be set
But the little details can be mixed over and over again
Until brand new colours are created
And inspiration is allowed to fly as high as it can

4 thoughts on “The colours of life

  1. Jag tror att vi människor mår bra och blir glada av massor av färger!
    Min ena dotter blandar färger lite hursomhelst inne i sitt rum och man blir glad av att vara där inne.
    Kramar i massor finaste Emmy / Jane

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