To find your way home

It takes a while to search and find
To see the obvious
And listen to the heart

Home is not a place
A thing
Or a person
It’s something far greater

It’s a state of mind
Where you feel at peace
Where you don’t feel like leaving
Where all is accepted for what it is

When there is no need to run
No reason to hide
And no-one to judge

Where you can be who you are
For as long as you like

It’s hard to find
And it’s ever changing
But for now
I am home

Om bortabrabloggen

Swede who have travelled and moved a lot during her adult life, to finally end up in Melbourne, Australia. Has a passion for travelling, life coaching and supporting others on their adventures at home or overseas.
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6 kommentarer till To find your way home

  1. HabibtyNina skriver:

    What a lovley poem! I want to practice my english and I statr with cooments it on your blogg when you write in english:)
    Love Nina (kan man skriva hugh Nina…känns mä vad vet jag;)

  2. HabibtyNina skriver:

    stavar som en kratta på engelska tydligen:)

  3. ansepanse skriver:

    vilken fin känsla du fångade i den dikten
    kramar vännen

  4. mormoreva skriver:

    Önskar dig en underbar dag! /Mormor

  5. Lisa skriver:

    Talande dikt. Känner verkligen igen mig. Kram

  6. Babs skriver:

    Wow så vackert!


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