The touch of a stranger

When you have been walking alone for a long long time
And suddenly joined by a stranger
You can’t help but ask
What do you want from me?

Only to realise that he wants nothing at all
Just to walk there beside you
Help carry your bag
And maybe share a meal or two

Could it be so simple?
Just a co-traveller wanting to join you on the walk through life
Simply looking for some company 

Well, let’s keep walking then
And see where we end up

Om bortabrabloggen

Swede who have travelled and moved a lot over the past 12 years, to finally end up in Melbourne, Australia. Has a passion for travelling, life coaching and supporting others on their adventures at home or overseas.
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En kommentar till The touch of a stranger

  1. dendansandemamman skriver:

    Så sant och fint. Så typiskt att man ska bli misstänksam och undra vad människor vill från en. Vill från heter det nog inte…men du vet vad jag menar. Kram och ha det bra.


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