The Art of Sharing

Someone’s loss is someone else’s gain they say. And even thought his might be true in some very rare cases, I still question how valid these words are. It’s becoming more clear to me with each day that passes that there is plenty out there for all of us to share.

For example, if I have discovered an easy way of doing something, a good recipe for a meal or an inspirational website, why not share it? If I have food and clothes to spare, why throw it away, rather than letting someone else benefit? Because much like the somewhat worn phrase – sharing is caring. Only a very selfish person would choose not to share.

Because as many obstacles there are in the world, just as many good thoughts there are to share, and find a way around them. As much evil, sadness and darkness there is in this world, just as much love, compassion and respect is there to shine a light on it.

You can always choose if you want to share. And how much. We sometimes need to balance our sharing in the sense that you can’t give all your energy to others. Then you will have no energy left to drive your own life and inspiration. But you will find that positive sharing generates more inspiration and energy for most of us. And good karma will always find it’s way to those who share with good intentions and an open heart.

Closely related to the art of sharing is also the gift of listening. You can choose if you want to listen and how much. No one person has the right to force anyone to listen or take their advise. But with all the good things being shared in the world, it would be foolish to never try to listen to a different way of living life. Imagine all the opportunities missed when insisting to go about life the same way one always has.

It is a true art to balance sharing and listening. But if they are approached respectfully they can be the most helpful inspirational motors your life has ever had.

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2 kommentarer till The Art of Sharing

  1. Tänkvärda ord! Jag håller helt med!

  2. mon104 skriver:

    ”into the wild” is one of my absolute favorite movies. it swept me away completely and i remained in silence in the theater for a good twenty minutes after it ended – unable to move. ”rename all the things and call them by their real name” is one of my favorite quotes from the movie, along with the one you diplayed…

    hugs – och jag håller med


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