The other side

When I lived in San Francisco many years ago, I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. Last year in Sydney it was much the same with the Harbour Bridge.

I have always had a certain fascination with the concept and structure of bridges. How they go from one side to the other. Overcoming the problem of distance by just being there. I guess it also resembles how one thinks about other things in life. To get an understanding of the other side, there needs to be a link of some kind. A window of opportunity to explore and learn what the other side of the coin might look like.

Imagine how far we have come today. A long time ago the bridges across obstacles were not even there, and people had to resort to building boats to sail across. Or stay where they were and scream loudly at each other in frustration for not understanding. Maybe the winds at the time even took their voices and dumped their words in a completely different spot.

But today we have all the tools, bridges and vehicles to find our way across to the other side. The only thing stopping us is fear and old patterns. I personally love the journey to the other side. It might be frightening, long and unknown. But it always gives some perspective to bring back with you. Back to the side where you started. Or maybe onto a new and unknown shore.

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Image from

4 thoughts on “The other side

  1. I love bridges too. So beautiful. Boston has a bridge named Bunker Hill Bridge which is an absolute favorite. Working on an email to you, I need some strength…

  2. Förra sommaren var vi vid en bro som tydligen var en sevärdhet, i Skottland…. Inte fattade vi det heller… Fast symboliken håller jag med om, att utforska och lära sig mer om andra sidor av världen än den lilla plätt man vuxit upp med. Min pappa bor fortfarande i samma hus som han föddes, och åker han mer än några mil därifrån får han huvudvärk… Hoppas att jag aldrig blir sån….

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